Dr.Mehra’s Homeopathy

Dr.Mehra’s Homeopathy, founded by Dr. Alok Mehra, has a history of more than 60 years, even before its inception.

DSCN1905Apart from using best quality Homeopathic medicines and dispensing them, here at Dr. Mehra’s Homeopathy, we pay special attention to counseling and consultation of all the patients. We never believe in time bound consultations. We understand that a patient comes with a lot of questions, doubts and anticipation about ones illness and cannot be dealt in just few minutes. Thus they are given as much time required. We make sure all our patients get 100% satisfaction before leaving. We have been providing free medical treatment to hundreds of poor and needy patients at our centers. We tell the prognosis as well as tell the patients about their disease, in an explanatory way. Counseling before Consultation is given prime importance.

Though having treatments for all kinds of curable diseases, we specialize in Cancer treatment through Homeopathy. We have been dealing with Cancer cases of all kinds since the time of Late Dr.PN Mehra. Depending on the type and condition of the Cancer Case, we have been able to cure many cases successfully as well as palliate some to give comfort and relief in the last days of the patient.

The first branch of Dr. Mehra’s Homeopathy in Johari Bazar, the heart of Jaipur City, India has been since 1948. It was first run as a chemist shop and then later as a Homeopathic clinic by Late Dr.PN Mehra, father of Dr.Alok Mehra. This center in old Jaipur has been there since the Independence of India and has seen three generations practicing Homeopathy.

Being from a doctor family, Dr.Alok Mehra found Dr.Mehra’s Homeopathy when he started practicing in 1984. Since then we have successfully treated thousands of patients. Dr.Mehra’s Homeopathy currently has two branches in Jaipur city, other one being in C-Scheme, Jaipur, India.