Features and Specialities

naturo-homeo  Homeopathy, a holistic approach to all the health problems and diseases which has been the hole and sole for us since starting. Homeopathy, apart from being our base, has also been our Legacy, being continued by the third generation in the family.

Homeopathy is a a much experienced and repeatedly testified scientific medicine, over more than 200 years old and opted by more than 300 million people globally.


cancerHomeopathy in Cancer Treatment, has always been beneficiary. We have been dealing with many types of Cancers for more than 35 years now.  Homeopathy has a major role to play in treating and even preventing the recurrence of tumors. Unlike the aggressive conventional treatments, Homeopathy has a basic and key role in fighting Cancer by boosting the body’s immune response and fighting the growth through the body, hence helping the body to regain and remain its stability. It is easily taken along with the Conventional treatments too like Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Surgery.


main-qimg-e7a8967a55dc4e279901813a12b159a9Tele/Online Consultation, has been a revolutionary feature in the medical practice. We are available online by fixing prior appointments on any of the applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime as well as on Facebook for Video Consultation and Advisory Medical Counselling.  Consult us for any kind of medical problem as well as for any medical opinion. Homeopathic medicines can be further provided by courier services pan India. Contact us for further details.


881591_medical_512x512Medical Opinion and Medical Advice, are one of the most important and crucial things today. A right advice and a right opinion can one from a lot of hassle, unwanted treatments and even save your money. It is equally important like the consultation and counselling. We have always believed in giving great importance to an honest medical opinion in the benefit of our patients health weather it is a medical reference for any other mode of treatment or even a surgery if needed.


54f6397b99bf8_-_best-weight-loss-xlWeight Loss and Obesity Clinic, is run at our center where we provide Electronic Body Shaping which lets the body fat burn more naturally from the desired portion of your body and you tend to loose weight and loose some inches along. Homeopathy and Dietary Guidance plays very important role in increasing the Body Metabolic Rate as well as cutting down calories by eating right rather than eating less. Homeopathy boosts up the Metabolism which also helps to reduce weight and prevents a weight increase in future with moderate exercise.


Doorstep_deliveryDoor Step Delivery, a service for out stationed patients. We have patients getting treated from all over India, specially the Metro and Tier 2 cities of India. Our medicines are sent via courier Pan India after consultation on phone or web consultation. Medicines are received in a self explanatory packaging with all the instructions written. Contact us for an Online Consultation right now. Click here for further details.