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About Homeopathy

What is Homeopathy

It is a medical science which is based on true and experimented facts and laws of nature. Homeopathy is a natural therapeutic medical science which is based on stimulating body’s own healing ability to cure the disease through highly diluted and potentized medicines. Being a symptom based medical science, a Homeopath selects medicine on the basis of the patient’s symptoms and individualizes the case on the basis of those specific symptoms. Originated in Germany in 1796, Homeopathy has been used world over since more than 200 years now and it has been extremely popular in countries like Europe, United Kingdom, India, South America with millions of users worldwide.
Dr.C.F.S.Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy himself was a physician of conventional medicine when he got fed up with the conventional system of medicine. He gave up his practice of conventional medicine as he found it faulty. He started translating medical books and that’s how he came across a law called Similia Similibus Curentur. The basic principle of Homeopathy – Like Cures Like (Similia Similibus Curentur) is based on this only. He coined the word Homeopathy from the Greek words meaning ‘similar sufferings’ which means a Homeopathic medicine has the power to cure those symptoms which appear in a healthy person after administering that drug from which the medicine was made. In other words, a drug in its crude form if given to a healthy person in large quantities will cause the same symptoms which can be cured by the medicine in a sick person, if the medicine is prepared from that same drug by homeopathic ways. Suppose a drug when given in its crude form to a healthy person causes head ache, vertigo, dizziness and vision disturbance. So these same symptoms can be cured if a medicine is prepared homeopathically from the same drug and given to the sick person with these symptoms.
In Homeopathy, it is believed that symptoms are the way body describes about the disease. That is, symptoms are the language of the body suffering from a disease. Thus, Homeopathy being a symptom based treatment gives importance to the symptoms of a patient and that medicine, which has those symptoms, is administered to attain cure.
Interestingly, the conventional system of medicine got the name Allopathy by Dr.C.F.S.Hahnemann after he found Homeopathy.
Second principle of Homeopathy is The Minimal Dose. It states that Homeopathic medicines are prepared after super diluting the drug substance. Simply diluting a drug will never result in a Homeopathic medicine. At every level of dilution, mechanical jerks called Successions are given which is how the Homeopathic medicine is prepared. Although the scientific explanation on how succession changes the properties of a super diluted substance at every step is not known, that is why Homeopathy often faces harsh criticism by skeptics. But the absence of proof is not the proof of absence.
Homeopathic medicines being infinitely diluted and succussed, probably attain stimulatory forces which stimulate the diseased body to cure itself. On the other hand, conventional medicines contain large amount of drug substance which is why they produce side effects. Homeopathic medicines are the stimuli which direct the body to attain cure and so there are no side effects produced. This is why Homeopathic medicines are non-addictive as they do not contain heavy drug substances and contain just the stimulatory forces to buck up the body from fighting the disease itself. The treatment of Allergy and Immunization are somewhat based on and derived from this principle only. Though, Homeopaths use even minute doses than the vaccines. Besides the basic principle of ‘Like cures Like’ and ‘The Minimal Dose’, Homeopathy has many other aspects.
Holistic approach of Homeopathy versus Conventional approach– With new researches and developments, it is becoming clear that mind and body influence each other strongly. A person’s mental, physical and emotional aspects are interrelated. In Homeopathy, it is not believed to take different parts of body with their diseases differently. There are no diseased parts but a diseased body. We never say “My stomach has got pain in it”. Rather we always say “I have got pain in my stomach.”
Conventional medicine breaks down whole body in different parts for its convenience and then for each symptom of each suffering part, a drug is given to suppress it. This anyway affects the other parts of body and causes side effects. To counter the side effects, a new set of drugs is given and the diseased body, having a low immunity and trying to fight itself from the disease, is bombarded with heavy drugs, sometimes even steroids.
For instance, a person suffering from IBS (Gastroenterology), Migraine(Neurology), Renal Stones(Urology) having some skin allergy(Dermatology) will have to go to four different physicians to get rid of his problems. All four physicians will have their own set of medicines with their complimentary side effects.
Homeopathy, on the other hand, treats the entire body including mental, physical and emotional aspects of the body. Here, all the symptoms – IBS, Migraine, Renal Calculi and Skin rashes (from above example), are noted down. Not only the symptoms, but the entire family history, past history, attitude, intellect, nature, habit and other issues are noted. The Homeopathic medicine, covering all these symptoms is then carefully selected by the knowledge of the physician and given to the patient. This selection and application of the medicine (Homeopathic Remedy) is an art. While preparing a remedy, it is potentised and diluted at every step. Thus, all the toxicity of the drug substance from which it was made gets removed and the remedy is prepared having only the stimulatory forces to direct the body to cure itself entirely.
Homeopathic approach of Health – When a person suffers from a disease, the body and its immunity immediately start the first response to try and cure the cause of the disease. A disease results in appearance of related symptoms. This way, the body tries to speak about the disease. The body’s healing response never tries to remove the symptoms but tires to remove the cause. Rather symptoms are the result of protective measures taken by the body to try and heal itself. Cough being a way to throw out any irritant, Diarrhea being a method of body to flush out the alimentary canal from the organism infected, discharges being a way to throw out dead bacteria, viruses and pus cells, inflammation being a process to kill the infection and heal the body. This is the body’s natural way to fight the disease. After all, the body itself knows the best how to cure itself. For example, during gastroenteritis, the body responds by increasing the WBC count and flushes out the alimentary canal causing diarrhea. So the body tries to treat the root cause and not the symptoms. Though, the body is often not able to do this self repair work for which comes the Homeopathic medicines to boost up the body to accelerate and pick up the incomplete healing process.
Homeopathic medicine follows the same path which the body chooses, that is the treatment of the cause and not the symptoms. Though, the Homeopathic medicine is selected on the basis of symptoms only. But the medicine stimulates the body and strengthens its self curative powers. This way, the healing is always natural and permanent. This also builds up the body for future disease situations. Just like the body’s way, Homeopathy never suppresses the symptoms and lets the body to heal itself. Just like during gastroenteritis, Homeopathic medicine will never suppress the diarrhea but hasten up the body to attain cure faster.
On the other hand, conventional medicine will always target the symptoms. This will always suppress the symptoms and the root cause will remain untouched. This is the only reason the symptoms reappear when the effect of the medicine gets over as the root cause is untouched in chronic cases as well as in some acute cases. Sometimes, such suppressions of acute cases can even lead to a chronic problem. Unless a life threatening emergency, the body should be boosted and allowed to cure itself.
Just the removal of symptoms by conventional drugs cannot be called a cure. Bombarding the diseased body, suppressing the symptoms the body wants to exhibit unless fatal, is not necessary. Suppression of symptoms also prolongs the cure and delays it. Moreover, these conventional drugs not only suppress the required symptom but also show effect on different body parts which are the so called ‘side effects’.
Thus the symptoms of a body in disease are important to notice rather than their suppression. As suppressing the symptoms is like coming in way of body from its natural process of healing and thereby prolonging the problem. This is why there has been a rise in the occurrence of more and more chronic diseases, general infections and psychological problems as compared to the earlier times when even the medicine was not so advanced.

How Homeopathy Helps

Homeopathy is spreading rapidly and people are gradually shifting to Homeopathy as their primary treatment for chronic ailments but still there is a lack of awareness and misunderstandings among them. There are some basic Principles of Homeopathy which are important to understand:

(1). Like cures Like – which states that A SUBSTANCE GIVEN IN MINUTE DOSE CAN CURE THOSE SYMPTOMS OR DISEASES WHICH IT IS CAPABLE OF PRODUCING IN A HEALTHY PERSON WHEN THE SAME SUBSTANCE IS TAKEN IN LARGE DOSE. Dr. Hahnemann discovered this new law while translating medical books. He soon started working upon this and started getting positive results. He even wrote a book Organon of Medicine which described this whole new concept of medicine in 1810. The word started spreading and he started curing many chronic or incurable diseases. Many physicians started following this new method of treatment and got surprising results. Though there were a few who defamed and discarded this new method. But in spite of all the opposition and lack of support from the conventional medicine, Homeopathy has grown over 200 years and will continue to be the medicine of 21st century.

(2). MINIMAL DOSAGE HAS MAXIMUM CURING POWER – This means, smaller the dosage, more powerful it becomes. Medicines are prepared by mixing the drug substance with non medical substance such as alcohol, sugar of milk or distilled water. They are mixed with a ratio of 1:100 and mechanical jerks – thumps are given (succession) to prepare the medicine.
Each such step results in a new potency. Commonly used potencies in Homeopathy are 6, 30, 200, 1000, 10000, 100000 & 500000. This process is called Potentization and not only the medicine gets diluted but its curative powers are further enhanced.
There are two scales of dilutions: X Potency and C Potency. X Potency has a dilution ratio of 1:10 at every step while the C Potency has dilution ratio of 1:100.
With the recent scientific discoveries, the higher potencies have found to have nano particles which are even smaller than an atom. The exact mechanism of what the medicines contain and how they work on the human body is still not found. This gives a chance to the skeptics to point out against Homeopathy.
But the conventional medicines have heavy drug doses which cause severe side effects. Unlike that, Homeopathic medicines have enhanced curative effect and minimal drug material which cannot produce side effects but sufficient to prompt the body to cure itself.
(3). HOMEOPATHY TREATS THE PATIENT AND NOT THE DISEASE– The conventional medicine treats the patient according to their disease but a Homeopath would take down all the symptoms a person is having along with their physical and mental aspects like their thirst, sleep, anger, behavior etc. A Case History is taken to begin the treatment with when the physician notes down all the symptoms the patient exhibits and then those medicines are selected which are closely matching with that condition.
Materia Medica of Homeopathy consists of all the Homeopathic medicines along with all the symptoms in precise details which were noted while proving the medicine. These are the symptoms which were exhibited when moderate to heavy doses of substance from which the medicine is made are given to healthy humans. For instance, if Arsenic is give to a healthy person then it causes symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, extreme weakness, burning and increased thirst. If a person having any disease and shows these symptoms, Arsenic in Homeopathic form can be given which will cure the patient.

How to start a Treatment

The beginning of homeopathic treatment – Many times the patients complaint of a long detailed interrogation when they first visit a homeopathic physician. Well, that is for the betterment of the patient only as through this detailed case study done by the doctor, he tries to take out all the information of each and every minute symptom. Even the mental characters of the patient are extremely important. Sometimes the person gets offended when the physician asks about some personal questions but it is only for the good of the patient. The better the mental and physical characters a patient describes and explains, the better would be the treatment. As homeopathic treatment is based on symptoms only, it is very necessary to extract all the symptoms in their true form. Thus one should not get annoyed on the situation and tell the doctor his exact situation of body and mind. Correct and true symptoms of the patient leads to the selection of a perfect remedy for that patient and thus leading to a cure.

Clash of Homeopathy with allopathy – There is no clash between allopathic drugs and homeopathic medicines. Allopathic drugs are given in crude form and homeopathic medicines in highly diluted form. So both of them work differently on different planes. There is no interaction between allopathic drugs and homeopathic medicines. So one can take both the treatments together. But there is a possibility of symptoms being suppressed which leaves the homeopathic doctor to treat the case left with a few symptoms only.

Science of Homeopathy

Scientific proving – Often Homeopathy bashers term it as placebo and unscientific and people psychologically get cured just by thinking that they are getting a treatment and are getting better but this is not true. Homeopathy is the only science experimented on humans and given to humans. It is also used to treat newborns and infants. How would a placebo act in an infant and how will an infaint think that he is getting cured. Homeopathy works on nano levels and probably today’s science is not capable to describe the Homeopathic cure but as the science is progressing, explanations for how Homeopathy works are surfacing.
One can accept that it has still not been proven as the medicines do not have any molecule of the original drug substance but recent discoveries have shown that the medicines contain sub atomic substances. May be a much higher and a highly advanced research has to be done to prove homeopathy & one day will definitely come when it will be proved scientifically. But still we can see the statistics and the results which is enough to accept it as a true mode of treatment.

Let’s see the science behind Homeopathy. Homeopathy is often targeted by skeptics because its super diluted medicines do not contain any molecule of the drug substance. But to study Homeopathic medicines, we have to consider something called nanopharmacology. However, skeptics say that there in nothing in the Homeopathic medicines and they are proving nothing but their ignorance. There have been many studies showing the efficacy of Homeopathy. One such study was made and verified by a respected British Professor Dr.Martin Chaplin, who has been an expert on Water, that the water used to make Homeopathic medicines was different from the water in Homeopathic medicine.
Scientists from IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) Bombay, had also made a new discovery. It was believed that after 12th potency, not even a single molecule of the starting substance is left in the Homeopathic medicine. But the scientists from IIT Bombay studied Homeopathic Medicine Aurum Metallicum at 200th potency with Electron Microscope (TEM), electron diffraction and atomic spectroscopy and found nanoparticles of Gold even in the 200th potency.
When we are talking about Homeopathic medicines, we are talking about the nanopharmacology and nanoscience. This is a fact that Homeopathy is unexplained but this cannot deny the fact of its results experienced by people all over the world.
There are a few examples in Nature which can amaze us like Homeopathy does.

(1). Certain species of Moth have the ability to detect Pheromones of their own species from a distance up to 2 miles. Surely these Moths do not have a GPS to detect the other Moth from this distance. Then how does their scent gets diffused in the atmosphere of 2 miles of range and reaches the other Moth. The interesting thing is Moth can only be capable of producing not even a part of 1 ml, but still such minute quantity of pheromones get diffused somehow and reach the other Moth 2 miles away. Such small quantity of Pheromones cannot be chemically detected in air but the fact is, this phenomenon has been studies and it exists. Surely there is some science working behind this which is unexplained.
(2). Sharks have the ability to sense even a single drop of blood in ocean from up to 2-3 miles. There is no question about their super sensitive sensors which detect the blood in the ocean. But the question is, how , a single drop of blood in the mega area of ocean of 3 miles of range can get diffused and reach the shark 2-3 miles away.
Ratio of some amount of blood in ocean of 3 miles of range or minute quantity of pheromones in 2 miles of atmosphere seems to be super diluted in its medium. But its science or this phenomenon cannot be explained but has been studied. Same way, Homeopathy also works on such micro phenomenon and the science might not be able to explain it. But if science is not able to explain anything, cannot mean that thing or that phenomenon does not exists.

If nature shows such examples of Super dilutions and Nano doses, then even Homeopathy is explainable , will be explained one day, in future, especially after such a huge background of positive results from people getting cured world over.
One of the most accepted explanations to the working of Homeopathic medicines is the property of water, which has been a recent discovery. Homeopathic medicines are ultra molecular dilutions. There is a possibility of Water molecules which have the capability of storing the information of a substance which was present in it previously. The same which happens while making Homeopathic medicines as in the beginning, they contain the substance but as it is diluted at each potency, the substance is not found but the shaking, called succussion is the reason why the water molecules hold this information of the previous substance it had.
Swiss chemist, Louis Rey noticed that the Hydrogen bonds in Homeopathic medicine were different from the hydrogen bonds in ordinary water. He has concluded that this is a result of that vigorous shaking called the succussion, which is they key for these ultra molecular dilutions of Homeopathy to work.
Even many scientists, with advanced laboratory techniques like spectroscopy, could differentiate between different potencies of the same Homeopathic medicine and even between different Homeopathic medicines. This could not have happened if the Homeopathic medicines had nothing except water in them, as the skeptics say.
Even the highly diluted substances, as to the Homeopathic level, have shown to produce an effect on the living organisms. German researchers have observed an inhibitory action of an ultra diluted chemical on Bacterium Vibrio Fischeri.
Another famous observation made by European Laboratories was the effect of highly diluted Histamine had their biological effects on White blood cells of Humans.
Still, Homeopathy remains unexplained but not impossible. With such observations and experiments being made all over, they all lead us to show the fact that Homeopathy works and Homeopathic medicines have something in it and has been curing cases for more than 200 years.

History of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a system of medical practice that originated with the work of the German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), who as well as being an experienced orthodox physician was also a competent chemist, a good mineralogist and botanist, and an able translator of eight different languages. He discovered that patients with certain diseases could be cured with substances that produce similar toxic effects, e.g. cholera could be cured with a dose of arsenic, scarlet fever with a dose of belladonna etc. He termed this principle ‘similia similibus curentur’ – ‘let likes be cured by likes’, otherwise known as the ‘similia principle’ or ‘law of similars’. Although the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates – the founder of western medicine – was the first one to moot the idea of curing ‘like with like’ more than 2,000 years ago, it was Hahnemann who made this principle into a system of treatment.

Testing medicines
Hahnemann spent several years experimenting on himself, his family and a group of followers, testing a wide range of natural substances, such as plants, minerals, metals, etc. In fact, he was the ‘father’ of experimental pharmacology. He and his colleagues catalogued over 200 medicines, primarily of plant, mineral and animal origin. Each substance was tested, i.e. taken by healthy volunteers who kept detailed records of their physical, mental and emotional reactions. The reported symptoms of these experiments –’homeopathic pharmacodynamics’– were compiled in a Materia Medica. Repeating this type of experiment led him to observe and describe the basic principles of homeopathy.

States of illness
First Hahnemann assumed that for certain diseases specific remedies could be found, but gradually his ideas about homeopathy became more refined. For instance, he discovered that patients with other diseases than cholera could also be cured by arsenic, provided they showed other common ‘arsenic characteristics’. And, on the other hand, that not all cholera patients responded to arsenic but needed another medicine depending on their individual symptoms. So he changed his thinking in terms of diseases to a concept of specific individual states of illness.

Minimal doses
Another observation arose from his desire to minimise the harmful effects of the medicines which doctors were using. He did this by repeatedly diluting and succussing (shaking) each medicine to reduce its potential to poison and cause harm. What surprised him in his use of these preparations was that the more stages of dilution and succussion the drug had gone through, the greater its potential to cure quickly and harmlessly.

Hahnemann’s three major publications show how he developed his ideas of homeopathy. In the ‘Organon of Medicine’ (revised six times), the fundamentals are laid out. ‘Materia Medica Pura’ records the symptoms of the medicine provings. In his book, ‘The Chronic Diseases, Their Peculiar Nature and Their Homeopathic Cure’, he showed how the natural diseases become chronic in nature.

Expansion of the method
In the nineteenth century this revolutionary method rapidly spread all over Europe and by European emigrants to North and South America. Well-known historical names are Clemens von Boenninghausen, Johann Stapf, Constantin Hering, Georg Jahr, Adolph Lippe, Robert Dudgeon, Bernard Fincke, Thomas Skinner, Francis Boericke, Richard Hughes, Henry C. Allen, Timothy F. Allen, James Compton Burnett, Ernest A. Farrington, Calvin B. Knerr, William Boericke, James T. Kent, John Clarke, Margaret Tyler, Cyrus M. Boger, R. Gibson Miller, Herbert A. Roberts, Arthur Grimmer, Douglas Borland, William Ernest Boyd, Pierre Schmidt, Elisabeth Hubbard.

Homeopathy also expanded through the British Empire, the later Commonwealth countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Ghana etc. Particularly in India and Pakistan homeopathy found an important breeding ground because of homeopathy’s similarity with traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Through Pakistan and India homeopathy has started to find its way to the Arabic countries (Middle-East and Northern Africa) and recently it has also started growing in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and China.

Myths and Facts

Homeopathy, a medical science which has expanded exponentially in the field of treating disease and has become the second fastest growing medical science of the 21st century. But for the skeptics who fail to see its growth and mass effect, it still remains in a doubt. People who don’t believe in Homeopathy simply declare it a placebo and call the Homeopaths quack. It is always simple to deny something rather than taking up the task to study and understand it. Skeptics of Homeopathy only think in one narrow direction. They simply declare Homeopathy does not work and it only has a Placebo effect. Though even if the Placebo effect is true, it is not applicable on how Homeopathy works. But let us first see what Placebo effect really is.

What is Placebo Effect –
Placebo effect is absolutely true and tested. A placebo is an inert substance which looks like a medicine but has no medicinal content. The placebo is given to a patient for an ailment with an assurance that this will cure his problem. Sometimes when the patient is truly convinced, he gets better as the psychological effect makes the physical conditions better. This is called a Placebo Effect.

Influencing factors of Placebo Effect –

But Placebo effect only comes with terms and conditions. Studies show that the Placebo effect is affected by various factors, which are:
1.Consciousness of the patient – The receiver should be conscious. He should know that he has been given some medicine for his ailment.
2.Maturity of the patient – The receiver should be in a mental capacity and maturity to understand that he/she has been given that medicine for that particular aliment.
3.Type of patient – The receiver should be a human, as they only can understand why they have been given the medicine.
4.The type of Placebo – The placebo used in the trial should look like an authentic medicine or drug to make the receiver believe. Studies show more the size of the tablet, more would be the effect. Studies also show the colored tablets show more effect than simple white tablets as these features helps the receiver to believe more on its authenticity. Two tablets show more effect than one. Even placebo injections show powerful effect than taking oral placebo pills.
5.Relationship with the doctor – Trust on the doctor from the patient is very important in Placebo effect. If the patient trusts and has faith in the doctor, then the chances of success are likely to be more.
So the basic point of all factors is the patient should be truly convinced with the treatment and still the presence of Placebo effect is not sure. Also it is subjected to the type of problem the patient has.

Now let us see how Homeopathy does not fall in any of the 5 criteria’s by a very simple logical reasoning:
1.Placebo effect demands the patient should be conscious, but Homeopathy has shown improvement in people being in coma and delirium unless the patient was brain dead. World over, there are cases where Homeopathic medicines have worked on such patients and has shown improvement in vital signs. Now the Placebo effect cannot work here as the patient is not even aware of what he/she has been given but still the Homeopathic medicines have worked.
2.When it comes to maturity of the patient, which the Placebo effect demands, Homeopathic medicines have done wonders to small babies and infants with numerable problems. Infants and small children are not at all capable of even thinking what problems they are having and what they have been given for it. Still there are so many parents who always prefer Homeopathy for their baby as they have seen its benefits. They choose Homeopathy over conventional medicines for day to day problems for their children and do not prefer antibiotics and steroids which doesn’t even let the child’s immunity to build.
3.Placebo effect is only seen on humans. Though Homeopathy has shown results in animals too. It is just not possible to make your dog believe that the Homeopathic medicine he has been given will cure him. But the medicines have cured ailments of animals. There have been numerous trials and studies which have shown a good success rate on animals with Homeopathy.
4.The biggest issue with all Homeopathic medicines is that they all look the same. Rather they are dispensed in white small pills which have always made a new comer doubtful of its effectiveness. As studies on Placebo effect have shown that colorful, big tablets or even Placebo injections have better effects, Homeopathic medicines are totally opposite to them, in just the simple form of white sweet pills. A person taking Homeopathic treatment for the first time is always doubtful of its effectiveness. They even think if the simple small white pills could actually do something. The only thing which makes them believe is the relief from symptoms which they get after the medication. This is rather a counter situation between Placebo effect and Homeopathic effect.
5.When it comes to the doctor patient relationship, it develops much faster in case of conventional medicine as they show immediate effect. But as a day to day practical experience, a Homeopath knows that people are suspicious of the benefit they would get by a Homeopathic doctor on their first visit. Placebo effect needs a better patient doctor relation. But in case of Homeopathy, this relation of faith develops after the patient has felt the improvement in the conditions.

All these logical points show that Homeopathy does not fall in the criteria of the Placebo effect. And so, Homeopathic effect is totally different from the Placebo effect. Although both the effects can work together and show results but these above conditions clearly show that Homeopathy does not work on the Placebo effect theory.
Indeed the Placebo effect is true but it cannot be applied on Homeopathy as its mode of operation. So to simply call Homeopathy as a quackery and Placebo would be totally wrong. Even during the study of Homeopathic medicine and their trials, half of the patients are given actual Homeopathic medicine and the rest of the patients are given mere Placebo. The patients are unaware of what they have been given. The results have shown that those who were given Homeopathic medicine had a greater success rate than those who were simply given Placebo.

Celebrity Speak

Growing popularity of Homeopathy
Homeopathy, something you can find on most of the street of many countries like United Kingdoms, France, Germany, United States, India and many other countries of the entire globe. It is not just a wacky belief. It is over 200 years old, used by millions of people including Presidents like Bill Clinton, pop singers. It even helped David Beckham get over his foot injury. Royals of Great Britain have also been keen users of Homeopathy since the days of Queen Victoria.
The world is choosing Homeopathy over other medical treatments. Famous celebrities, like Bill Clinton, David Beckham, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Worlds fastest man – Olympic Sprinter Usain Bolt, Pamela Anderson, Oscar-winning actress and pop star Cher, Supermodel Cindy Crawford, Former Beatles member and singer-songwriter Paul McCartney are taking Homeopathy.

It has become the second fastest growing mode of treatment on the entire globe. Homeopathy has a growing percentage of over 25% every year across the world. People are now being aware of this beautiful medical science with growing number of colleges, students, practicing doctors, clinics and Homeopathic Hospitals.
Europe: There is a huge growing demand of Homeopathy.There has been a 60% growth in Homeopathic market in last 10 years in Europe. Homeopathy has not only attracted the royals of Europe, the educated elite class and the famous leading artists. Homeopathy has great popularity in Asia and Europe.
It is also interesting to that the company that owns BMW Company also owns a famous and leading Homeopathic manufacturer company of Germany. Along with homeopathy’s popularity in France, Scotland, England, and Germany, it has now become very popular in The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Greece.
India: Homeopathy has become popular in India more than in Europe. Currently there are more than 100,000 Homeopathic doctors in india.
Mother Teresa, who had served her life to Humanity, had helped many poor Indian citizens with Homeopathic medicines as they were cheap and very effective.
America:Homeopathy gained a lot of popularity even in America at the turn of the century. There were over 20 Homeopathic Medical Schools in America.There were more than 100 Homeopathic Hospitals and more than 1000 Homeopathic pharmacies. Although Homeopathy in America saw a decline in 1950s due to the efforts of American Medical Association and other American drug companies. But yet again, Homeopathy is becoming popular among the Americans with its growing percentage making it the fastest growing alternative mode of treatment.

‘Homeopathy becoming first choice of people’
Low prices, no side-effects and 100 percent results are making homeopathy the first choice of people across the world.
In fact, homeopathy is being used to treat even psychiatric illnesses like anxiety disorders, said doctors.
“India is now the superpower of homeopathy in the world. No side-effects, low treatment costs and good results are making more and more people turn to homeopathy,” Panjan Agrawal, a senior homeopath, told IANS at a conference here Saturday.
Explaining the treatment methodology for disorders like anxiety, he said: “We go into the detailed past of the person. Why the person has become anxious. We seek answers to that.”
“While revealing his or her history, the patient undergoes a catharsis,” he said adding it is at this point that symptomatic homeopathic medicines are given to the patient.
“If the patient is cooperative, then sometimes the results are as good as 100 percent,” he said.
Homeopathy as a system of medicine is different from others and it is based on individualisation.
“The problems of the patient are identified based on his or her individuality, which is worked out by various factors like heredity, environment, social and worksphere,” he said.

Now people are gradually opting for things which are more Natural or close to Nature. Alternative medicine is at a boom. People are realizing the power of Nature and opting for alternative medicine over the synthetic and conventional therapies. No doubt, conventional medicine has its own importance to an extent, but its always better to be close to Nature and use natural therapeutics.
Homeopathy, among the alternative medicines has shown to be growing exponentially. People are realizing, trying for Homeopathy and getting results. Homeopathy has a solution for maximum diseases and defects. From Acute to Chronic, Physical to Mental ailments and Minor to Major problems have an answer in Homeopathy.
Where the conventional medicine does not have a proper treatment to problems in which the cause is not found, Homeopathy, a symptom based therapy, treats the person from the symptoms and cures the person from its root. For psychiatric problems, Depression, Anxiety, OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorders), Mania, Perceptive disorders, PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Shock due to bad incidents, Psychosomatic Problems, Somatopsychic Problems and many other such ailments where conventional medicine has very less to offer, as there is no pathological cause to such problems.
Here, Homeopathy treats the person on the mental picture of the patient. A detailed Case History with a proper psychological counselling is done and the medicines are selected on the basis of symptoms and with a proper medication, cure takes place gradually. Homeopathy has a lot more to offer in psychic problems. Medicines are well experimented and researched before being added in the Homeopathic Materia Medica – a book which has all the Homeopathic medicines with their indications and guide lines to use.

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