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About us

Some Story Behind Us A Legacy That Expands Over 60 Years

Mahatma Gandhi gifted humanity, the concept of Non-Violence, and his words and teachings still hold true. Inspired by true Gandhian values, late Dr. P.N. Mehra took upon himself, the mission to serve humanity with the power of Homeopathy. The human body needs to be understood better deserves a more non-violent way of treatment.

Born on July 21st, 1921, Dr. P.N. Mehra in his younger days used to go on a bicycle to nearby villages and treat people with Homeopathy, absolutely free of cost. Despite being from an affluent business family from Ajmer, that lead a successful pharmaceutical business and a chain of pharmacy stores called Bombay Medical Store, Dr. P.N. Mehra switched over to practicing charity with Homeopathy in the mid 1950s. Back in the day, he was amongst a handful of Homeopathic practicioners that contributed towards establishing Homeopathy and its benefits in the state of Rajasthan. He was also one of the members of the first Rajasthan Board of Homeopathy Medicine, which laid down the norms of Homeopathy in the state. Soon a band of likeminded volunteers joined him to establish a non-profit, charitable organisation known as Manav Hitkari Sangh, on 26th January, 1962.
Besides practicing from his two clinics at Johari Bazar and New Colony, Dr. P.N. Mehra established a Homeopathic hospital which has now been dedicated to his memory and is known as Dr. P.N. Mehra Hospital. Along with Homeopathy the hospital also has attached sections of Wheat Grass therapy, Yoga and Naturopathy. Wheat grass therapy was also pioneered in Rajasthan by Dr. P.N. Mehra. Along with successful treatment of thousands and thousands of cases of all kinds of diseases, Dr. P. N. Mehra specialised in understanding and treating Cancer to impact innumerable lives for the better. His service to the ailing humanity lasted for 40 years till he breathed his last on 22nd Feb,1994. Since then, Dr. Alok Mehra has been taking forward his legacy and serive to humanity and was joined by 3rd generation Homeopath, Dr. Amish Mehra in 2019.

Dr. P.N. Mehra

Establishment of Bombay Medical Store

Dr. PN Mehra & brothers started Bombay Medical Store, a leading pharmaceutical shop at Johari Bazar(Jaipur) with branches in Ajmer, Jodhpur and Delhi.

Dr. PN Mehra started Homeopathic Practice

Dr P.N. Mehra became one of the early practitioners of Homeopathy in Rajasthan and started two Clinics at Johari Bazar and New Colony, Jaipur.

Birth of Manav Hitkari Sangh

Dr. P.N. Mehra founded Manav Hitkari Sangh, a Homeopathy based, charitable, non- profit health organisation with an Aim to serve the society and popularize Homeopathy in Rajasthan.

Birth of Vidhya Sangam

Dr. P.N. Mehra founded Vidhya Sangam, a sister organisation of Manav Hitkari Sangh with the objectives of assisting it in spreading awareness about Cancer, Homeopathic treatment of Cancer and working as a Cancer Support Group.

Dr. Alok Mehra

Born and brough up in the environment of Homeopathy and service, Dr. Alok Mehra joined his father in 1984. Since then he has won many accolades in the field of Homeopathic treatment of all kinds of acute and chronic ailments. Like his father he has also taken up the mantle of fighting Cancer and has treated thousands of Cancer cases of all stages and kinds in the last Four Decades. Dr. Alok Mehra founded Dr Mehra's Homeopathy with the objective of extending Homeopathic treatment beyond the geographical limits of the city, state and country.

Amish Mehra

Trainned under Dr. Alok Mehra since his under graduation years, Dr. Amish Mehra has gained an experience of 10 years into Homeopathy and Patient Mnagement. After completing post graduation (M.D.) in Homeopathy from Jaipur in 2019, Dr. Amish Mehra, the third generation Homeopath aims to take Dr. Mehra's Homeopathy and the benefits of Homeopathy treatment to new heights. His joining Dr Mehra's Homeopathy has infused fresh enthusiasm, modernity and technology to the Homeopathic treatment provided to the ailing humanity.

our HospitalsOur Hospital

Dr P.N. Mehra Memorial hospital of our organisation Manav Hitkari Sangh is a unique centre in a 1250 Sq yd area. Besides the Homeopathy outdoor there are departments of Wheat Grass, Naturopathy and Yoga to give a wholistic treatment to patients. Services are given to Cancer and general patients coming from all over Rajasthan and neighbouring states. Online treatment is also provided to other patients from different parts of the country and the world.
In the hospital premises is a green house where Organic Wheat Grass is cultivated from organic seeds in controlled light and temperature conditions in all seasons. Home delivery of wheat grass is provided all over Rajasthan and some neighbouring states


Vidhya Sangam is another gift to the society by our founder Dr P. N. Mehra. Two years after the inception of Manav Hitkari Sangh, in 1964 Dr Mehra launched another social organisation to assist in the work of Manav Hitkari Sangh. Besides other medico- social activities, Vidhya Sangam runs a Cancer support group. The objective of this organisation is to be a bridge between donors and suffering Cancer patients. A large number of needy Cancer patients are provided free or concessional treatment supported through our own resources and benevolent donors.
Vidhya Sangam also keeps organising periodically, Cancer awareness camps, motivational talks by Cancer survivors and events to spread knowledge about risk factors and Cancer prevention measures and early diagnosis of Cancer patients

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