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Growing popularity of Homeopathy

Homeopathy, something you can find on most of the street of many countries like United Kingdoms, France, Germany, United States, India and many other countries of the entire globe. It is not just a wacky belief. It is over 200 years old, used by millions of people including Presidents like Bill Clinton, pop singers. It even helped David Beckham get over his foot injury. Royals of Great Britain have also been keen users of Homeopathy since the days of Queen Victoria.
The world is choosing Homeopathy over other medical treatments. Famous celebrities, like Bill Clinton, David Beckham, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Worlds fastest man – Olympic Sprinter Usain Bolt, Pamela Anderson, Oscar-winning actress and pop star Cher, Supermodel Cindy Crawford, Former Beatles member and singer-songwriter Paul McCartney are taking Homeopathy.

It has become the second fastest growing mode of treatment on the entire globe. Homeopathy has a growing percentage of over 25% every year across the world. People are now being aware of this beautiful medical science with growing number of colleges, students, practicing doctors, clinics and Homeopathic Hospitals.
Europe: There is a huge growing demand of Homeopathy.There has been a 60% growth in Homeopathic market in last 10 years in Europe. Homeopathy has not only attracted the royals of Europe, the educated elite class and the famous leading artists. Homeopathy has great popularity in Asia and Europe.
It is also interesting to that the company that owns BMW Company also owns a famous and leading Homeopathic manufacturer company of Germany. Along with homeopathy’s popularity in France, Scotland, England, and Germany, it has now become very popular in The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Greece.
India: Homeopathy has become popular in India more than in Europe. Currently there are more than 100,000 Homeopathic doctors in india.
Mother Teresa, who had served her life to Humanity, had helped many poor Indian citizens with Homeopathic medicines as they were cheap and very effective.
America:Homeopathy gained a lot of popularity even in America at the turn of the century. There were over 20 Homeopathic Medical Schools in America.There were more than 100 Homeopathic Hospitals and more than 1000 Homeopathic pharmacies. Although Homeopathy in America saw a decline in 1950s due to the efforts of American Medical Association and other American drug companies. But yet again, Homeopathy is becoming popular among the Americans with its growing percentage making it the fastest growing alternative mode of treatment.

‘Homeopathy becoming first choice of people’
Low prices, no side-effects and 100 percent results are making homeopathy the first choice of people across the world.
In fact, homeopathy is being used to treat even psychiatric illnesses like anxiety disorders, said doctors.
“India is now the superpower of homeopathy in the world. No side-effects, low treatment costs and good results are making more and more people turn to homeopathy,” Panjan Agrawal, a senior homeopath, told IANS at a conference here Saturday.
Explaining the treatment methodology for disorders like anxiety, he said: “We go into the detailed past of the person. Why the person has become anxious. We seek answers to that.”
“While revealing his or her history, the patient undergoes a catharsis,” he said adding it is at this point that symptomatic homeopathic medicines are given to the patient.
“If the patient is cooperative, then sometimes the results are as good as 100 percent,” he said.
Homeopathy as a system of medicine is different from others and it is based on individualisation.
“The problems of the patient are identified based on his or her individuality, which is worked out by various factors like heredity, environment, social and worksphere,” he said.

Now people are gradually opting for things which are more Natural or close to Nature. Alternative medicine is at a boom. People are realizing the power of Nature and opting for alternative medicine over the synthetic and conventional therapies. No doubt, conventional medicine has its own importance to an extent, but its always better to be close to Nature and use natural therapeutics.
Homeopathy, among the alternative medicines has shown to be growing exponentially. People are realizing, trying for Homeopathy and getting results. Homeopathy has a solution for maximum diseases and defects. From Acute to Chronic, Physical to Mental ailments and Minor to Major problems have an answer in Homeopathy.
Where the conventional medicine does not have a proper treatment to problems in which the cause is not found, Homeopathy, a symptom based therapy, treats the person from the symptoms and cures the person from its root. For psychiatric problems, Depression, Anxiety, OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorders), Mania, Perceptive disorders, PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Shock due to bad incidents, Psychosomatic Problems, Somatopsychic Problems and many other such ailments where conventional medicine has very less to offer, as there is no pathological cause to such problems.
Here, Homeopathy treats the person on the mental picture of the patient. A detailed Case History with a proper psychological counselling is done and the medicines are selected on the basis of symptoms and with a proper medication, cure takes place gradually. Homeopathy has a lot more to offer in psychic problems. Medicines are well experimented and researched before being added in the Homeopathic Materia Medica – a book which has all the Homeopathic medicines with their indications and guide lines to use.

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