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Homeopathy With Other Cancer Treatments

Homeopathy in cancer: Yes, Homeopathy has an answer for Cancer. Homeopathy is a science which does not treat the organs but it treats the person as a whole. Leaving aside ailments which are inflicted from outside like injuries and infections, all the diseases mostly are the outcome of a combination of causes in which multiple systems have a role and the basic reason is the weakening of the Vital force or in other words the weakening of the immune system.

Cancer is also the outcome of multiple reasons of which the main cause is weakening of the immune system. In all diseases the mode of treatment in Homeopathy is that it stimulates the immune system to cure the organism. Homeopathy treats the totality of symptoms. Since Cancer is the result of the weakening of the immunity, Homeopathy is best suited for the treatment of Cancer. Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy are external agents which try to inflict damage and destroy Cancer by cutting, burning by radiations or Chemically destroying them, hence they can destroy Cancer to whatever extent completely or partially but they cannot prevent is re growth. In cases where the Cancer had been limited and the immunity is not so much impaired and the destruction of Cancer is complete by these three methods.
It does not come back but if the destruction is incomplete or if the immunity is weak then the Cancer comes right back, often with vengeance. Here lies the advantage of Homeopathy. Since Homeopathy stimulates the immune system to become more powerful then Cancer and overcome it, the results maybe lasting. If a cure is achieved with Homeopathy it will be absolute.

Now arises the question, is Homeopathy in itself, sufficient to cure Cancer?
Prognosis in Homeopathy – Roughly if we divide the prognosis in 4 categories
– 25% cases do not respond much to the treatment. In such cases, the cancer is so much advanced and is growth is so rapid that nothing is able to stop it. Also, sometimes the general health and condition of the patient goes to such a low level that everything fails to cure it. Here the immunity has fallen to a level beyond stimulation.
– 25% cases do respond and in such cases the rate and speed of growth is slowed down. In such cases, as the growth rate of the tumor and metastasis is retarded, the life is prolonged and the agonies are minimised.
– 25% cases show good prognosis. The cancer growth is put to halt. The tumor neither grows nor reduces. In this condition, the patient’s life is prolonged a lot. Symptoms are present but they do not increase.
– 25% cases show excellent prognosis as the tumor growth not only stops but it reduces too. Such cases, over a period of long treatment, can be cured. Another care should be taken to prevent

Reoccurrence. In such cases, the tumor slowly shrinks and after a period of time, it vanishes.
Homeopathy treats the patient on the basis of symptoms. It also builds up the patient’s health and immunity so that the patient fights the cancer itself. On the contrary, chemotherapy acts itself on the cells and it damages both normal and cancerous cells both. But homeopathy acts on the body as a whole and makes the immunity strong so that the body itself finishes the tumor. First Cancer cell develops as it escapes the encounter by the immunity. So, it is the immunity which has to be made strong. Immunity has the ability to identify between the normal cells of the body and the cancer cells. So the strong immune system destroys the tumor cells and spares the normal cells. Homeopathy makes the immunity stronger. Also, homeopathy has the ability to prevent the recurrence of the tumor.

Homeopathy together with allopathy – This is the best combination to treat a case of cancer. Both homeopathy and allopathy can work in different planes without interacting with each other and can handle the case.
Condition 1 – Surgery can reduce the size of tumor and then homeopathy can be taken to reduce it further and prevent its recurrence.
Note: Surgery is the best possible line of treatment, primarily. A homeopathic doctor should honestly refer the patient for surgery if the tumor is operable. As surgery can instantly reduce the tumor size, it is always given the first preference if at all the case is operable.
Condition 2 – If radiations can be given in a case, it can be followed by homeopathy which will reduce the remaining tumor size and also will help is reducing the side effects of radiations.
Condition 3 – The tumor can be treated with chemotherapy and the major side effects can be managed by homeopathy. But this is not preferable as chemotherapy alone makes the person so weak that ultimately cancer returns with a bang and takes away the life.
Allopathy reduces the tumor size but cannot destroy big tumors completely. Homeopathy easily reduces small tumors completely. So reducing the tumor size with allopathy and then destroying it completely by homeopathy is the best way out. Homeopathy will also cover the side effects of the allopathic treatment and will improve patient’s immunity, health, strength.
Preventions of cancer – Cancer is a disease which can occur is anyone with any age group, both sexes. Some are more common in females. Some happen in children. Some cancers occur in old age. Some are only seen in males.
Cancer is caused my many multiple factors. No particular cause can be detected. Various predisposing causes result in development of cancer. Major contributing factors are Hereditary, Environmental, Life Style, Diet, Bad Habits etc.
People, who get cancer, already have a tendency to have cancer. This tendency of getting a cancer cannot be diagnosed or measured or detected before time. This tendency makes its way to cause cancer by some weak points in body. These weak points are caused due to the predisposing factors mentioned above.
Preventions to these predisposing factors may keep the tendency in the dormant form and may prevent it from expressing itself to cause cancer. This may prevent or delay cancer to occur. Suppose if a person has got a tendency for cancer in him. If there are some predisposing factors of faulty diet, Genetic factors, Bad Life Style or bad habits, which cause weak points in body. Then the tendency to cause cancer will take this opportunity to express and result I cancer of that part which has become weak due to predisposing factors. Unfortunately no one can predict this possession on tendency.
Example: If a person has got the tendency of cancer. This tendency will try to make its way from any of the weak points in body. If the person smokes, he may have pulmonary cancer. If he drinks a lot or eats spicy food, he may have hepatic cancer (Liver cancer). If he is exposed to occupational hazards, he may have cancer due to that cause. If he is exposed to UV rays for a prolonged time, he may have various types of skin cancers.
Thus it is very necessary to gain knowledge about the various factors which can cause cancer. A prevention and protection against these factors will reduce the chances of having a cancer. Various carcinogens are present in the environment which causes cancer. Carcinogens are the substances which cause cancer.

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