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How Homeopathy Helps

How Homeopathy Helps

Homeopathy is spreading rapidly and people are gradually shifting to Homeopathy as their primary treatment for chronic ailments but still there is a lack of awareness and misunderstandings among them. There are some basic Principles of Homeopathy which are important to understand:


LIKE CURES LIKE – which states that A SUBSTANCE GIVEN IN MINUTE DOSE CAN CURE THOSE SYMPTOMS OR DISEASES WHICH IT IS CAPABLE OF PRODUCING IN A HEALTHY PERSON WHEN THE SAME SUBSTANCE IS TAKEN IN LARGE DOSE. Dr. Hahnemann discovered this new law while translating medical books. He soon started working upon this and started getting positive results. He even wrote a book Organon of Medicine which described this whole new concept of medicine in 1810. The word started spreading and he started curing many chronic or incurable diseases. Many physicians started following this new method of treatment and got surprising results. Though there were a few who defamed and discarded this new method. But in spite of all the opposition and lack of support from the conventional medicine, Homeopathy has grown over 200 years and will continue to be the medicine of 21st century.

MINIMAL DOSAGE HAS MAXIMUM CURING POWER – In Homeopathy, it is believed that symptoms are the way body describes about the disease. That is, symptoms are the language of the body suffering from a disease. Thus, Homeopathy being a symptom based treatment gives importance to the symptoms of a patient and that medicine, which has those symptoms, is administered to attain cure.
Interestingly, the conventional system of medicine got the name Allopathy by Dr.C.F.S.Hahnemann after he found Homeopathy.
Second principle of Homeopathy is The Minimal Dose. It states that Homeopathic medicines are prepared after super diluting the drug substance. Simply diluting a drug will never result in a Homeopathic medicine. At every level of dilution, mechanical jerks called Successions are given which is how the Homeopathic medicine is prepared. Although the scientific explanation on how succession changes the properties of a super diluted substance at every step is not known, that is why Homeopathy often faces harsh criticism by skeptics. But the absence of proof is not the proof of absence.

HOMEOPATHY TREATS THE PATIENT AND NOT THE DISEASE – The conventional medicine treats the patient according to their disease but a Homeopath would take down all the symptoms a person is having along with their physical and mental aspects like their thirst, sleep, anger, behavior etc. A Case History is taken to begin the treatment with when the physician notes down all the symptoms the patient exhibits and then those medicines are selected which are closely matching with that condition.
Materia Medica of Homeopathy consists of all the Homeopathic medicines along with all the symptoms in precise details which were noted while proving the medicine. These are the symptoms which were exhibited when moderate to heavy doses of substance from which the medicine is made are given to healthy humans. For instance, if Arsenic is give to a healthy person then it causes symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, extreme weakness, burning and increased thirst. If a person having any disease and shows these symptoms, Arsenic in Homeopathic form can be given which will cure the patient.

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