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How to start a Treatment

How to start a Treatment

The beginning of homeopathic treatment – Many times the patients complaint of a long detailed interrogation when they first visit a homeopathic physician. Well, that is for the betterment of the patient only as through this detailed case study done by the doctor, he tries to take out all the information of each and every minute symptom. Even the mental characters of the patient are extremely important. Sometimes the person gets offended when the physician asks about some personal questions but it is only for the good of the patient. The better the mental and physical characters a patient describes and explains, the better would be the treatment. As homeopathic treatment is based on symptoms only, it is very necessary to extract all the symptoms in their true form. Thus one should not get annoyed on the situation and tell the doctor his exact situation of body and mind. Correct and true symptoms of the patient leads to the selection of a perfect remedy for that patient and thus leading to a cure.

Clash of Homeopathy with allopathy – There is no clash between allopathic drugs and homeopathic medicines. Allopathic drugs are given in crude form and homeopathic medicines in highly diluted form. So both of them work differently on different planes. There is no interaction between allopathic drugs and homeopathic medicines. So one can take both the treatments together. But there is a possibility of symptoms being suppressed which leaves the homeopathic doctor to treat the case left with a few symptoms only.

Homeopathy versus Homeopathy – Two homeopathic treatments should never been taken. As both the treatments will work on the same plane, they will cause harm to the patient even and there will be mostly no cure. Also, many homeopathic medicines have the power to antidote other homeopathic medicines. So if a person is taking two homeopathic treatments together, then one treatment can antidote another one and cure cannot be attained. Moreover, two treatments together can greatly harm the patient.

Need of Allopathy – Every Science has its own specialties and shortcomings. Indeed allopathy has got a role to play in serving the human health. Allopathy is needed whenever there is an emergency, say for an asthmatic attack. Then in such cases where it becomes a threat to life, allopathic drugs can be used to escape that dangerous period and then the rest of the case can be left for Homeopathy.
Also if the patient is suffering too much from the symptoms and the sufferings have crossed the limit, then in such cases, a help from allopathy can be taken to relieve the sufferings of the patient followed by a proper homeopathic treatment. This allopathic help should be as minimum as possible and should be taken just when it is needed. It should not be too frequent as it will cause dependency and also it will cause suppression and future problems. So just a minimum help with an ideal homeopathic treatment will be the most suitable choice for the patient. Even sometimes, surgery makes its way to aid the patient. Cases where surgery is the last option or if surgery will make a great deal for the patient’s health then in those cases, a surgery should be advised honestly. A mechanical cause has to be corrected mechanically, that is by surgery. For instance, if there is cancer in the leg or anywhere in the body then it should be first removed surgically as no medicine in the world can remove the tumor instantly. So it is better to remove the tumor surgically and easily. The rest of the case and reoccurrence will be taken care of by Homeopathy. Although surgery is not always possible and sometimes it is contra indicated.

When you switch from Allopathy to Homeopathy – If you were on a treatment in which you were drugged heavily, then in such cases if you don’t get relief, you should switch over to homeopathy. But sudden stoppage of drugs and taking homeopathy is never recommended. After taking a long drug treatment, the body gets dependent on that drug and sudden stoppage of that drug will make the body go worse due to the withdrawal symptoms. Like, one should always lift the rear step when the front step is firmly settled on the ground so that one does not fall. Just the same way, you should withdraw from allopathy when homeopathy has taken over the case. Thus, the dosage of drugs is slowly and gradually reduced to avoid sudden withdrawal. A doctor who asks for a sudden stoppage of the previously taking drugs will worsen the case as the body will demand of that drug again. Example 10: For instance, if a lady is taking a thyroid treatment since 5-7 years and then she stops that treatment then it will cause severe thyroid disturbances as the body was getting readymade hormone and was not in a condition to function itself and so sudden withdrawal of the thyroid drug will cause problems.
If the body is deficient of something, say a hormone, so one takes readymade hormonal tables to complete this deficiency. But then he has to take that hormonal tablet for the rest of the life and the dose also keeps on increasing as the body starts becoming in the habit of taking the ready supply. This lifetime drugging is not acceptable and thus one needs a proper homeopathic treatment as homeopathy aims to rectify the cause and provokes the body to produce the hormone itself and become independent. This is the major advantage here that homeopathy does not makes the body dependent over itself unlike other hormonal treatment. It rather keeps the body as the nature made it and keeps it independent. Example 11: if you are sick and cannot cook your daily meal and ask your friend to make it for you, then over a time period you will be so habitual and feel so lazy that you would not be able to cook food yourself. But if someone motivates you and asks you to be self dependent to cook food then it is any day a better choice. Homeopathy does the same which in turn is always good for the body.
So to avoid this over dependency on drugs, their use should be minimum and rational.

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