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Science of Homeopathy

Science of Homeopathy

Scientific proving – Often Homeopathy bashers term it as placebo and unscientific and people psychologically get cured just by thinking that they are getting a treatment and are getting better but this is not true. Homeopathy is the only science experimented on humans and given to humans. It is also used to treat newborns and infants. How would a placebo act in an infant and how will an infaint think that he is getting cured. Homeopathy works on nano levels and probably today’s science is not capable to describe the Homeopathic cure but as the science is progressing, explanations for how Homeopathy works are surfacing.
One can accept that it has still not been proven as the medicines do not have any molecule of the original drug substance but recent discoveries have shown that the medicines contain sub atomic substances. May be a much higher and a highly advanced research has to be done to prove homeopathy & one day will definitely come when it will be proved scientifically. But still we can see the statistics and the results which is enough to accept it as a true mode of treatment.

Let’s see the science behind Homeopathy. Homeopathy is often targeted by skeptics because its super diluted medicines do not contain any molecule of the drug substance. But to study Homeopathic medicines, we have to consider something called nanopharmacology. However, skeptics say that there in nothing in the Homeopathic medicines and they are proving nothing but their ignorance. There have been many studies showing the efficacy of Homeopathy. One such study was made and verified by a respected British Professor Dr.Martin Chaplin, who has been an expert on Water, that the water used to make Homeopathic medicines was different from the water in Homeopathic medicine.
Scientists from IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) Bombay, had also made a new discovery. It was believed that after 12th potency, not even a single molecule of the starting substance is left in the Homeopathic medicine. But the scientists from IIT Bombay studied Homeopathic Medicine Aurum Metallicum at 200th potency with Electron Microscope (TEM), electron diffraction and atomic spectroscopy and found nanoparticles of Gold even in the 200th potency.
When we are talking about Homeopathic medicines, we are talking about the nanopharmacology and nanoscience. This is a fact that Homeopathy is unexplained but this cannot deny the fact of its results experienced by people all over the world.
There are a few examples in Nature which can amaze us like Homeopathy does.

1. Certain species of Moth have the ability to detect Pheromones of their own species from a distance up to 2 miles. Surely these Moths do not have a GPS to detect the other Moth from this distance. Then how does their scent gets diffused in the atmosphere of 2 miles of range and reaches the other Moth. The interesting thing is Moth can only be capable of producing not even a part of 1 ml, but still such minute quantity of pheromones get diffused somehow and reach the other Moth 2 miles away. Such small quantity of Pheromones cannot be chemically detected in air but the fact is, this phenomenon has been studies and it exists. Surely there is some science working behind this which is unexplained.

2.Sharks have the ability to sense even a single drop of blood in ocean from up to 2-3 miles. There is no question about their super sensitive sensors which detect the blood in the ocean. But the question is, how , a single drop of blood in the mega area of ocean of 3 miles of range can get diffused and reach the shark 2-3 miles away.
Ratio of some amount of blood in ocean of 3 miles of range or minute quantity of pheromones in 2 miles of atmosphere seems to be super diluted in its medium. But its science or this phenomenon cannot be explained but has been studied. Same way, Homeopathy also works on such micro phenomenon and the science might not be able to explain it. But if science is not able to explain anything, cannot mean that thing or that phenomenon does not exists.

If nature shows such examples of Super dilutions and Nano doses, then even Homeopathy is explainable , will be explained one day, in future, especially after such a huge background of positive results from people getting cured world over.
One of the most accepted explanations to the working of Homeopathic medicines is the property of water, which has been a recent discovery. Homeopathic medicines are ultra molecular dilutions. There is a possibility of Water molecules which have the capability of storing the information of a substance which was present in it previously. The same which happens while making Homeopathic medicines as in the beginning, they contain the substance but as it is diluted at each potency, the substance is not found but the shaking, called succussion is the reason why the water molecules hold this information of the previous substance it had.

Swiss chemist, Louis Rey noticed that the Hydrogen bonds in Homeopathic medicine were different from the hydrogen bonds in ordinary water. He has concluded that this is a result of that vigorous shaking called the succussion, which is they key for these ultra molecular dilutions of Homeopathy to work.
Even many scientists, with advanced laboratory techniques like spectroscopy, could differentiate between different potencies of the same Homeopathic medicine and even between different Homeopathic medicines. This could not have happened if the Homeopathic medicines had nothing except water in them, as the skeptics say.
Even the highly diluted substances, as to the Homeopathic level, have shown to produce an effect on the living organisms. German researchers have observed an inhibitory action of an ultra diluted chemical on Bacterium Vibrio Fischeri.
Another famous observation made by European Laboratories was the effect of highly diluted Histamine had their biological effects on White blood cells of Humans.
Still, Homeopathy remains unexplained but not impossible. With such observations and experiments being made all over, they all lead us to show the fact that Homeopathy works and Homeopathic medicines have something in it and has been curing cases for more than 200 years.

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