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Cancer and Tumors

Cancer and Tumors

We are reaching the threshold of our allopathic (cure with the opposite) medicine. The germs, we are trying to kill, adapt fast to the existing drugs and we need to come with new more powerful pharmaceutical drugs to kill them. In the last 10 years, 40% of the pharmaceutical drugs were new. The new drugs are more powerful, but have more side effects. Studies in Switzerland showed that more than 70% of the drugs have side effects. Are we loosing the fight with the germs? From here comes the necessity to look for alternative ways of cure. Homeopathy (cure with the similar) is one of these alternative ways. This article explains that homeopathy is usually herbal or mineral solution, but this solution has been so many times shaken and diluted that not even one molecule are left. If so, how it can cure. It cures through the unusual extraordinary ability of manifold shaken water to imprint on its structure through H-bonds the frequencies of the substance that was dissolved in it. The structure of liquid water is complicated and dynamic; liquid water contains clusters of solid ice, which makes it inhomogeneous media with hysteresis properties. Hysteresis means the history is important. If history is important, this means that the water had imprinted on its structure the information (the frequencies) of the herbs that were dissolved in it. The article also explains that homeopathy is only one of the alternative ways of the new Informational Medicine, called also Vibrational or Quantum Medicine. Cancer is a jumbled mass of disintegrated cells multiplying out of control and the space between the cells is mostly water. Since homeopathy works through the extraordinary properties of water, it is expected to be effective in the fight with cancer.

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