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These days when people turn up to Allopathy medicines, our family has always kept faith in Homeopathy medicines. Getting treated by Dr. Alok Mehra has always been good because along with getting treated, we also get worthy counselling. From controlling sugar llevels and blood pressure to curing fractured bones, body pains and hormonal imbalance, Dr. Alok Mehra's medicines have always given us relief.
Neha H. Gurbani
I got my father treated for Cancer by Dr. Alok Sir and I am grateful to him that my father is still healthy and with me when all hopes were gone. Mehra Sir is a very humble person and a great doctor. Thank you very much Sir.
Rajesh Gupta
Thanks for everything; it was a lovely uplifting and indeed soul searching experience; your totally objective response will I am sure be fascinating and very helpful so thank you. I suppose this is what I am on about; not quite perfect! but getting there!!!
Kalpana Mathur
For me the treatment has had significant effect. I generally sleep better and deeper, have vivid dreams that I remember the following day, I feel much stronger within myself. Interestingly, apart from the first little niggles of a potential cold I have had no colds yet. Thank you so much, this has been such an interesting process to go through with you.
Preeti Singh
Six and a half years ago after contracting pneumococcal meningitis I had almost lost my hearing and the ENT specialist had nothing to offer me. Determined to help myself, I asked around about homeopaths and Dr. Alok Mehra was recommended to me. Within Five months my hearing was normal and, since then, I have continued to seek help from him for other medical problems. I have great faith in both him and homeopathy.
Sanjay Bhel
I have been treated by Dr. Mehra over a number of years following the death of my mother and then a breast cancer diagnosis. I have found him to be an extremely caring and sympathetic homeopath with a deep knowledge and understanding of his subject. He has a very perceptive nature which enables him to explore the whole person in depth and find the right homeopathic remedy.
Shanti Dhasmana
I saw Dr. Alok Mehra for my menopausal symptoms and found his approach and manner very supportive and professional. The continual support I receive from him is very beneficial to me and I hope to continue seeing him. The prescription is working really well and I'm able to come off HRT with continual support of Alok Ji and the medicines.
Vindeshwari Singh
My mobility had been reducing slowly over several years, and after a summer of poor health and being on and off crutches, I was offered long term medication to alleviate pain and stabilise my condition. Not being very keen on life long medication, I sought an alternative and found Dr. Mehra. Seven months later I can walk without pain, I can easily walk now, and I have forgotten where I put my crutches. I am grateful. Thank you.
Kanika Chauhan
Thank you for the treatment, Dr. Mehra. I feel it has been working on a deeper subtle level. I have had the feeling of a melting inside and great sense of peace and rightness. I experienced this before with your perception and treatment so thank you very much.
Mohinder Puri
It took a few months for the epilepsy to subside, but subside it did and I have been clear now for over two years. I understand that this is not possible with allopathic medicine, which works only to suppress the symptoms. I feel confident that I have completely released this illness, am able to drive again and notice that I deal with emotional issues more creatively and assertively than before.
Ashish Pareek
I started taking treatment seven years ago for help with mood swings related to depression and anxiety. Within a few months, I was on a much more “even keel”. I have continued to consult Dr. Alok Ji on a regular basis. He has greatly improved the quality of my life.
Veena Tanwani
New Jersey (USA)
Dr. Alok Mehra is a careful and empathic listener. I really appreciate his attention to detail and have complete faith in his judgment. I have referred many of my own friends to him, and always encourage them to consider homoeopathic treatment.
Abhishek Vashist
I started suffering from gastritis & also, gall stones appear later because of my low immunity with disturbances in my business too. Thanks to Dr. Alok Mehra who solved my number of problems especially the gall stones without surgery, with his sweet homeopathic medicine!!
Sumit Gupta
Dr. Alok Mehra treated me for menopause symptoms, hot flushes and disturbed sleep. The treatment was really effective and I have almost no hot flushes and have been sleeping untroubled through the night. Really grateful and the help has made a huge difference to my wellbeing.
Aishwarya Bafna
The results of my course of treatment with him have been effective in several ways. One is that I have found relief from ordinary symptoms. Thanks to Dr. Alok & Dr. Amish for always being responsive to my queries on Whatsapp.
Kshitiz Gupta
California (USA)
It took one dose to heal my face and my life. Because of this, I can’t say enough about Dr. Mehra's Homeopathy. If you’re looking for a good homeopath, one who does great honor to the ones who came before him, you won’t find a better one than Dr. Alok & team.
Sameeksha Gurbani
Jakarta (Indonesia)
I’m totally accident-prone and after numerous bumps and bruises. I visit Dr. Mehra's Homeopathy for neck pains and migraines. I immediately noticed a huge difference and from that day on I’ve relied on homeopathy for a whole range of health issues and for general wellbeing too.
Trinubh Julka
I have been seeing Dr. Mehra for homoeopathy for several years during which time he has helped me through some very serious health issues. Dr. Alok Sir also treat my children where results can be dramatic with acute illnesses resolving in hours.
Vijayshree Kiroriwal
Our family have been visiting Dr. Mehra since we moved to the area in 2011. He has an ability to obtain a clear picture of each one of us and his prescribing has been spot-on. He has helped us through acute illnesses as well as supporting our general well being to improve our quality of life. I am so grateful for the positive effect he continues to make in our lives. Thank you
Sudesh Kapoor
I was suffering from pimples and I was always a part of jesting in my friend circle due to my ugly face. This was most embarrassing for me but I was not getting relieved due to conventional treatments. I decided to try out homeopathy for my acne. With successful efforts by Dr. Alok Mehra & Dr. Amish Mehra, I got permanent solution of my problem in 6 months!!
Shimayla Ali

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